Han Zhang

Researcher of Center of New Music and Audio Technology at UC Berkeley


I'm a researcher of Center of New Music and Audio Technology(CNMAT) working on computer-assisted orchestration and music texture generation with Prof. Carmine E. Cella. I received my master's degree in Electrical Engineering at Northwestern University under the supervision of Prof. Thrasyvoulos (Thrasos) N. Pappas. I took my B.S. in the Department of Automation at Tsinghua University. I also have a minor in Music Technology and Engineering in Art Center of Tsinghua during undergrad.

Research Interest

I'm interested in designing tools and algorithms for music synthesis and musical information retrieval, and I am particularly passionate about the topics on music timbre analysis and generation with machine learning and signal processing methods. Designing applications for models and having musical practice with my products are also great attractions for me.


Projects: Github

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Email: zhanghanpqqo@gmail.com

Linkedin: Han Zhang